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International Network for Human Rights and Psycho-social Response


News from our Nunca Mas Member Base:

Research Article from Nunca Mas Member on ‘Psychoeducation as a low-cost Treatment of Chronic Pain(click to read the article)

Invitation - International Day in Support of the Survivors of Torture (click for information)  

Nunca Mas supports civil society organisations to stand up and speak out for torture victims and their families and to resist the infameous and criminal use of Torture and violence in Sri Lanka. We are presently assessing our options to develop cooperation with the Human Rights Office, a civil society organization, and we hope to offer support to their psychosocial program aiming to reach out to poor and vulnerable women groups in the North of the country.

  • Violence used by security forces in Honduras (click for information)

  • Nunca Mas has recived a grant from CISU to continue the work in Honduras.  



If you wish to support people affected by political violence and help them regain their lives, you can do so by becoming a member of our organization Nunca Mas - International Network for Human Right and Psycho-social Response. We are grateful for all the support we get!


The membership fee is only DKK 50 per year and our bank details are:



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Please write your name and address at the payment. Also, if you wish, please send an email to then we’ll make sure that you receive information about our work. Thank you!