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Zürich, Switzerland 2-4 November 2018


Nunca Mas was represented by Psychologist, PhD Inger Agger, and Visual Artist & Photographer Peter Christensen - both from Denmark - at a conference in Zürich, Switzerland 2 - 4 November 2018. The conference, "Talking About Violence", was organized by "ENTRESOL - Network for Psychological Science".

Inger was invited to present her work with Testimonial Therapy at a workshop: "Talking About Violence in Different Cultures". The workshop was conducted in cooperation with the Swiss Psychologist Elizabeth Högger Klaus, whom Inger met in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. At the workshop Inger also shared her recent experiences in Honduras in 2017 where the participants and indigenous leaders, in a workshop, created and explained the force and impact of their "Cosmic Circle" as a new development of the Testimony Ceremony.


Peter documented the conferences with photographs.



CONCERNS towards the COVID 19 measures taken in Honduras

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Nunca Mas has received a 7 months grant from CISU for a project in Zimbabwe (click for information)

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10 years after the military coup in Honduras (click to open)

Tony Hernandez’s trial in the USA.

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Nunca Mas has recived a 1 year grant from CISU to continue the work in Honduras.