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Tony Hernandez's trial in the USA 2019 (click to open Spanish version)


"From Victim to Survivor to Activist" (click to open), filmed and edited by Sofie Roerdam. It was filmed in Uttar Pradesh, India, between November 2012 and March 2013, and the film describes how the Indian organisation, "Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)" works with Testimonial Therapy (24 minutes).

"Testimonial Therapy: A Path Towards Justice and Healing" (click to open), by Germain Priour, Bophana Audiovisual Center and Transcultural  Healing"Psychosocial Organisation (TPO). It was filmed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in October 2009, and the film describes how the Cambodian mental health organisation, TPO, works with Testimonial Therapy (14 minutes).


CONCERNS towards the COVID 19 measures taken in Honduras

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New grant

Nunca Mas has received a 7 months grant from CISU for a project in Zimbabwe (click for information)

News Letter from Nunca Mas

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10 years after the military coup in Honduras (click to open)

Tony Hernandez’s trial in the USA.

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Intern at Nunca Mas

José Quiroz  will

undetake his internship with Nunca Mas (click tor details)

News from our Nunca Mas Member Base:

Research Article from Nunca Mas Member on ‘Psychoeducation as a low-cost Treatment of Chronic Pain(click to read the article)

Violence used by security forces in Honduras (click for information)

New grant

Nunca Mas has recived a 1 year grant from CISU to continue the work in Honduras.