Alberto Laínez and the Universal Power of Music

Alberto Laínez and the Universal Power of Music

Project initiated in May 2020


Nunca Más intends to spread information on the Honduran indigenous minority group known as the Lencas, and their current situation to Danish children and adults through the medium of music and video. The political struggle that the Lencas face in their fight against poverty and inequality as well as their strive towards the conservation of their traditions and their of ownership of native land, are just some of the topics that will be covered in a song and video developed with reputable human rights activist and artist Alberto Laínez, in collaboration with our local partners CIPREVI and MILPAH.

Historical Context:

Historically, music has played a pivotal role in Latin America when it comes to promoting human rights, traditions, the conservation of resources, and the greater exposure of the practices from small communities with a great historical value. Many musicians, singers and song writers have lost their lives whilst trying to spread information on  the poverty, inequality and injustices that their people have experienced. In the Lenca tradition, music also plays a key role in self expression, and has been one of the preferred methods of communication to use in their political struggles.

By taking this activist-centric approach to music and placing it within a Danish context in the form of a song and video, we are spreading the traditions of the Lencas and Latin America, both in form and content in a way that rings true to their traditions.

Our Approach:

Alberto Laínez will compose an original score as well as a video that is illustrative of the different processes, results and scope of the work done by Nunca Más and our collaborative partners, MILPAH and CIPREVI.  Laínez will present his song and video to highschool students across Copenhagen as a part of a greater education strategy meant to teach them about Latin America, and its populations, Laínez will also present the music and video at the annual ‘Latinamerika’ festival in Copenhagen. (Update: Due to COVID-19 it is not certain that presenting at the festival will be possible, information is pending.)

Nunca Más will disseminate the song and video on their SoMe and owned platforms as a part of a greater communication strategy that holds the intention of reaching as wide an audience within the Danish population as possible.

Through the completion of this project Nunca Más hopes to widen the knowledge of the Lenca community in Honduras and the challenges they face to a Danish audience that is actively interested. And perhaps, even inspire some to mitigate the story and current reality of the Lencas within their own circles, or become interested in the work of Nunca Más and our mission of a world free of collective violence.

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