Gender Violence Ecuador

Enhancing the Prevention of Gender-based violence in Ecuador

Project initiated on 16th of April, 2021 - 1st phase completed 2022

2nd phase initiated January 1, 2023


Despite policy implementation, national plans and countless efforts made by the state, violence against women continues to be a severe problem in Ecuador and has remained unchanged for more than 10 years.  The project will strengthen the social values ​​of responsibility and solidarity, as well as various citizen expressions in public life, which contribute to raising awareness of the urgent need to eradicate gender violence, as a fundamental condition to achieve peaceful coexistence and strengthen democracy in Ecuador. Along with the collaboration of Foundation for Integral Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence (PRIVA) and The Secretariat of Human Rights, the project will promote the eradication of violence in Ecuador and to contribute to the comprehensive rehabilitation of the victims and their families.

Historical Context:

Ecuador is a democratic and presidential country with a mistreated and abusive culture, in which violence against women has become naturalized in the social community. Strong sexist traits, socio-cultural androcentrism, primary labor roles, and sexist stereotypes around gender persist in society; factors that influence violence against women. In addition, Ecuador faces economic, social, and cultural gaps, and human and women rights - enshrined in the Constitution and in binding international instruments ratified by the country - have not yet achieved real application. The health emergency caused by Covid 19 has made the problem of violence against women even more evident. The normality of violence is one of the factors that have a direct impact, in the sense that there is a deficient understanding of violence against women by Ecuadorian society. Public policy has not strengthened actions to prevent violence against women, administrators of justice revictimizes victims and generates impunity.

Our Approach:

Nunca Más will through sensitization and awareness contribute to the prevention of gender violence in Ecuador. In addition to this, Nunca Más will through its strategic partner “The Secretariat of Human Rights” and partner organization PRIVA promote a critical dialogue between social organization and public institutions through empowerment of different social actors. Nunca Más will provide support to PRIVA’S staff and facilitate exchanges of relevant experiences. Facilitate preparation of workshops & campaigns to generate inputs for awareness. Nunca Más approach to gender violence prevention in Ecuador is based on activities that promote the empowerment of traditionally excluded, marginalized, and discriminated groups (women as such who are discriminated because of the patriarchal androcentric culture, and especially poor women who are discriminated double).

Our Partner: