Nunca Más


Nunca Más was founded by volunteers with expertise in psychosocial interventions promoting brief and cost-efficient forms of therapies in societies with scarce resources. The founding members of Nunca Más felt that there was a lack of organizations that focused on resource efficient interventions that were easy to teach and pass on to local health representative and possible to combine with an empowerment and justice centered narrative.

Nunca Más strives towards encouraging a world free of collective violence by sharing its psychosocial expertise and acting as a financial, technical and professional support for partners active in communities affected by collective violence. Nunca Más also mediates back to Denmark and the Western World about the reality in the countries that they are active in, as well as shares learnings between all stakeholders involved, creating an environment of openness and solidarity.

Read more about how Nunca Más approaches it’s work in Our Policy Paper and stay up to speed on our latest updates on our Facebook page.

The Nunca Más Name

The words ‘nunca más’ are Spanish for ‘never again’, a pacifist phrase that has been used in several different historical contexts usually as a counter statement to violence. Often the term is used in connection to the second world war and the assaults that occurred during this time. The Spanish translation ‘nunca más’, places the phrase in a Latin-American context, and it became a prevalent phrase used in the fall of the dictatorships throughout Latin-America in the 80’s, giving the phrase political undertones. The historical context of pacifism and the Latin American political undertones that are attached to this phrase, makes Nunca Más the perfect encapsulation of what we as an organization believe in: A world free of collective, systemic, and structural violence.